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An Introduction to ValidSoft by Pat Carroll, Executive Chairman (video)

ValidSoft is the world’s leading provider of telecommunications-based multi-factor mutual authentication, identity and transaction verification solutions for all electronic transaction channels. ValidSoft solutions are specifically designed for financial services and government organisations. As the banking and payments world, in particular, begins to converge onto smart telecommunications-based devices, the ValidSoft integrated security platform, built solely on a real-time zero client-footprint model, allows organisations to leverage these convergence devices to provide visible and invisible security layers for all transaction channels, whilst also providing protection where the device itself is the channel.

Multi-Factor Authentication in under 4 mins

ValidSoft's latest authentication platform called SMART™ (Secure Mobile Architecture for Real-time Transactions) is designed to cater for the disparity in mobile networks, mobile devices, use case and the corresponding transactional risk intrinsic in mobile payment applications. SMART achieves this by providing a layered architecture of voice and mobile network-based security protocols and technologies, both visible and invisible, to protect mobile payment and M-banking transactions alike.

A fully Integrated Platform using Out-of-Band Authentication

This integrated platform, using proprietary technologies including Out-of-Band authentication and transaction verification, Proximity Correlation Logic, Pseudo Device Theft detection and biometric voice verification, allows organisations to protect all of their customer transaction channels within a single platform. This combination of technologies provides solutions from simply detecting SIM Swap fraud through to the world’s first commercially available indigenous Four-factor authentication solution. Card Present transactions, Card Not Present, E-Commerce, Internet/Telephone Banking, Mobile Financial Services (m-banking, m-wallet, m-payments, m-commerce), Enterprise security, citizen online services and more are all supported through either one or more of these integrated telecommunications-based techniques.

Reducing False Positives

The company counts several leading worldwide service providers and institutions among its customers. These companies benefit from a very substantial reduction in false positives, thereby freeing up resources to combat actual fraud, as well as a substantial elimination of the fraud itself, all in real time. ValidSoft is the only security software company in the world that has been granted three European Privacy Seals. VALid-POS® is a telecommunications based security solution aimed specifically at card-present fraud detection and resolution.
VALid® is a telecommunications based multifactor authentication and transaction verification platform that provides protection across multiple electronic banking channels, including Internet, M-banking, IVR /contact-centre, mobile payments and Card-not-Present transactions.

European Privacy Seals - ValidSoft's Privacy by Design approach explained

The ValidSoft platform is built on privacy, an underlying principle in all our solutions. ValidSoft was the first security company in the world to be awarded a prestigious European Privacy Seal: EuroPriSe. It has now been awarded three seals, one in March 2010 for the VALid-POS® card-present fraud detection solution, a second in September 2011 for VALid-4FTM, the four-factor authentication and transaction verification solution that incorporates both biometric voice verification and Proximity Correlation Logic; knowing where someone is or isn’t; and a third one in October 2012 for VALid-SSD® (version 3.5). VALid-SSD® is the world's first detection and prevention application for use by the banking industry to tackle the growing problem of SIM card fraud. The third Seal confirms the company’s ability to maintain the highest privacy standards in its work with citizens’ information when contracted by financial services organizations and government departments.

In March 2011, ValidSoft was also awarded a registered data controller status with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.


ValidSoft is the only security software company in the world to have achieved three EuroPriSe Privacy Seals. This means that we do not track the individual, we do not know their whereabouts and we do not retain any information concerning the individual in our system. Our system is completely anonymous.

EuroPriSe logo. ValidSoft is the only secuirty software company in the world to have received two EU Data Privacy Seals

ValidSoft’s strategic partnership with Elephant Talk

ValidSoft was acquired by Elephant Talk Communications Corp. (NYSEMKT:ETAK) in March 2010. ETAK® is an international provider of business software and services to the telecommunications and financial services industry. Our mission is to provide a single solution to the problem of fully enabling and securing the Mobile Cloud. Elephant Talk empowers Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) by providing a patented cloud based mobile communications infrastructure, operating software and managed services. We enable telecoms carriers and virtual network operators to offer a full suite of products, delivery platforms, support services, superior industry expertise and high quality customer service without substantial upfront investment. ETAK® can service the needs of ValidSoft’s requirements to deliver its leading solutions whilst also providing a “carrier-grade” telecommunications platform to enable ValidSoft to process transactions in real-time. Whilst the synergies between a telecommunications security solutions provider and an innovative telecommunications company may seem obvious, our growing Intellectual Property capability bears testament to this. As the convergence towards the smart phone crystallizes, the need for the security is paramount, and telecommunications is at the core of the capability. Together, ValidSoft and ETAK® innovate, leveraging each other’s core capabilities and strengths, to be the global leaders in managing and securing the mobile cloud. The 2012 announcement of ValidSoft’s SMARTTM (Secure Mobile Architecture for Real-time Transactions) bears testament to the combined capabilities, firmly placing ValidSoft at the forefront of security in the emerging mobile payments world.



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