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User Authentication

User Authentication secures a wide range of transactions delivering strong security to online, mobile, credit-/debit-card and telephone transactions, adjusting to changing threats, even in real-time. As users demand access to data on a number of devices at any given time, you can provide a consistent approach to security regardless of channel. The solution provides the flexibility to deploy only the required level of security needed depending on the inherent risk of the transaction or channel used.  


The User Authentication product combines with ‘ValidSoft Device Trust’ for enhanced security and in one of the key factors used - Voice Biometrics - Speaker Authentication can be deployed as a standalone service. User authentication can be used across multi-channel use cases in a number of different industries, see 'Multi-Channel Use Cases' for further details

The Workflow Engine

The User Authentication workflow engine is highly sophisticated, dynamically reacting in real-time to utilise the most effective authentication means dependant on the inherent risk of the transaction, channel or device. The User Authentication workflow determines which authentication mode to use (for example choosing between out-of-band or in-band using mobile, or text-dependant or text-independent versions of voice authentication) and can be tuned to meet our customers’ specific risk thresholds to ultimately achieve the most accurate results in the most low-friction way.

Out of Band & In-Band Mobile Authentication

 User Authentication can be used in both out-of-band and in-band modalities. The out-of-band mechanism provides real-time security that enables layering of multi-factor authentication and transaction verification, a notable development on existing hardware token solutions yet without the need for additional hardware. As the growth of mobile continues, in-band authentication allows the mobile to become the transaction and authentication device, utilising voice biometrics to deliver both security and excellent customer experience.

Deploying User Authentication for the mobile channel


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