Identification and Authentication is your companys secure enough?

Is Your Company’s Identification and Authentication Technology Robust Enough?

The escalating menace of identity fraud in the UK, as brought to light by recent incidents, exposes a grim reality: no one is immune. Even Paul Davis, head of fraud prevention at TSB and an expert on financial crime, fell victim. The story underscores a daunting truth – fraudsters have grown adept at exploiting weaknesses in companies’ identification checks and in the inherent weaknesses in current authentication technologies. 

Fraudsters thrive on obtaining individuals’ personal data. This can be sourced from public databases, social media, or, as in the alarming Equifax breach, data leaks from companies themselves. Once armed with this information, they then set about exploiting vulnerabilities in the identification procedures of firms, opening accounts, and causing havoc. But what if this stolen data became futile? That’s precisely where ValidSoft’s Trusted Identity Assurance™ comes into play.

Voice: The Most Secure Identification

Consider Davis’s ordeal: Multiple fraudulent accounts were opened using his credentials. However, had those firms employed ValidSoft’s Trusted Identity Assurance, the scam would have been halted at the outset. The so-called “substantial” data the fraudsters possessed would have been rendered useless the moment the data had to be spoken by the genuine person.

This raises a crucial point: If someone as vigilant and informed as Davis, the very head of fraud prevention, can be targeted, truly, anyone can be. Thus, it becomes a moral and business imperative for firms to safeguard their clients. With identity fraud rates soaring and costing consumers a staggering £51 million in 2022 in the UK alone, the responsibility on firms is heavier than ever. Companies cannot afford to be the weakest link in the chain and must elevate their security defenses.

Understanding Voice Biometrics: Your Voice, Your Unique ID

ValidSoft’s Trusted Identity Assurance™ is not merely a technological advancement; it’s a revolution in security protocols. With ValidSoft’s system, businesses can assure their customers that their data, even if stolen, remains impotent in the hands of fraudsters. In an era where personal data is vulnerable and constantly at risk, the human voice stands out as an unbreachable fortress when utilizing Validsoft’s advanced voice biometric technology underpinned by its patented generative AI deepfake audio detection and prevention capabilities.

Traditional identity verification methods rely heavily on data: passwords, pin numbers, and proxy-based authentication. Yet, in an era where data breaches have become disturbingly common, this data can easily fall into the wrong hands. But there’s one piece of data that remains uniquely ours, no matter where it goes: our voice.

Your voice is more than just sound; it’s a complex combination of tone and pitch. ValidSoft’s advanced voice biometrics leverages this uniqueness. If fraudsters only require a victim’s personal credentials to deceive traditional systems, with voice biometrics, the stolen data becomes useless. Why? Because even if they have all your details, they cannot mimic the unique characteristics of your voice to deceive the ValidSoft system.

ValidSoft is at the forefront of utilizing voice biometrics to create robust security systems. Its conversational voice biometric solution offers a seamless user experience, identifying callers in the background without the need for redundant knowledge-based questions. Combining voice biometrics with cryptographic generated numeric digits. These digits are uniquely derived from the values of the transaction or other privileged access request, providing a mathematically precise security solution to a non-repudiation level. 

Voice biometrics is a significant advancement in digital security. It offers a robust, reliable, and user-friendly alternative to traditional authentication methods. For instance, See-Say® Trusted Identity Assurance, offered by ValidSoft, provides a unique passwordless, digit-based voice authentication approach, guaranteeing individual identity, and preventing credential theft, social engineering hacks, replay attacks, and synthetic voice deepfake attacks, to non-repudiation level.

See-Say®: The Future of Authentication

Rooted in next-gen voice biometrics amalgamated with cryptography, See-Say® offers an antidote to the vulnerabilities of current security protocols. Its key attributes include:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: A seamless system where there are no passwords or OTPs to remember. Users merely have to speak a unique nine-digit number, making the authentication process both fast, easy and intuitive.
  2. Impenetrable Security: Equipped to counter modern threats like Lapsus$ and Social Engineering attacks, See-Say® leaves credential theft redundant. It’s also built to detect and prevent Replay, Synthetic, and Deepfake Attacks.
  3. Cost-Effective: An economical option, See-Say® is priced competitively, making it much more affordable than current MFA solutions.
  4. Unparalleled Privacy: With no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) stored in the voiceprint, See-Say® upholds privacy. This commitment to user privacy has earned them four European privacy seals from EuroPriSe™.
  5. Omni-channel Utility: A single enrollment paves the way for immediate application across all customer or employee facing channels, ensuring consistent identity assurance and authentication.
  6. Innovative Approach: See-Say® unifies three core principles: Voice Biometrics (who was speaking?), Speech Recognition (what was said?), and Real-time Cryptographically Generated Digits. This triad ensures that users have a smooth experience that’s faster, easier, and much more secure than traditional OTP credentials. Plus, with a focus on data privacy, it is 100% compliant and secure.

To conclude, identity fraud is an ever-morphing challenge, requiring solutions that are always a step ahead. Firms have a duty to protect their clients and embracing ValidSoft’s Trusted Identity Assurance™ is a significant stride in that direction. Because, at the end of the day, with the ValidSoft system your voice is uniquely and unequivocally yours, making it the most formidable weapon against the sophisticated arsenal of today’s fraudsters.