Major Contact Center Solutions Company

Major Contact Center Solutions Company


The company has over 500K agents on its platform and is rapidly adding new customers globally. The company’s customer base covers all market verticals and contact sizes with thousands of agent seats. 

The company has 2022 invested in creating a more connected customer experience building on previous initiatives to eliminate customer friction to drive a better customer experience. The company’s cloud platform is focused on ease of use from an operational and business perspective putting the power to evolve the customer experience in the hands of the customer rather than requiring external professional services.

ValidSoft Solution

Aligning with the company’s vision and strategy around creating a seamless customer experience, ValidSoft has become part of their marketplace with a conversational voice biometric solution for customers when speaking to agents. This solution enables the seamless customer experience that enterprises want to deliver by authenticating the caller in the background while immediately allowing the customer to get assistance from the agent. Our solution eliminates the need for vulnerable knowledge-based questions, and reduces the agent handle time by more than 45 seconds, delivering a very strong ROI for customers with a rapid time to value.


The ValidSoft solution delivers a strong ROI to the sales team allowing the company and Partner teams to upsell the solution to their customers while also increasing the overall business case or it allows the company and Partner teams to increase the product density in their proposition by leveraging the additional ROI from the ValidSoft solution. This allows the sales team to drive higher-value deals or higher-value business cases than without the ValidSoft solution.

For the customer, it eliminates the need for the agent to complete knowledge-based authentication by replacing it with the strongest omnichannel biometric solution. This delivers value by allowing the agent to engage in resolving the customer issue earlier in the conversation, closes a fraud vector by eliminating knowledge-based authentication while at the same time improving the customer experience and powering a clear ROI by the elimination of the explicit agent-driven authentication process.

Customer: Cloud Contact center Solution Company
Region: North America
Industry: Business Services
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