ValidSoft Trusted eXperience™

Voice Identity Assurance for Contact Center, IVR/IVA and all

Deliver trusted eXperiences using secure voice biometric identity assurance regardless of channel

Imagine if your customers could quickly get the information or services that are personalized to their needs without having to jump through all the hoops required for customer verification.

Think how that could enhance customer experience, encourage loyalty and, ultimately, help retain customers.

Consumers need to feel confident that organizations employ strong security protocols and procedures to protect their privacy, personal data and assets, and also expect the experience should be quick, easy, frictionless and consistent across all touchpoints.
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Contact Center fraud is growing unabated, and account takeover losses associated with contact centers reached $775million in 2020.

Source: Aite Group

ValidSoft Trusted eXperience™​

ValidSoft Trusted eXperience™ provides a single form of identity assurance that is fast, frictionless, consistent, predictable and repeatable on all channels.

Trusted eXperience integrates with web browsers, apps, IVR’s, IVA’s, speechbots, and contact centers

Active Enrollment, during which the customer is prompted to repeat some given phrases or digits.

Short-Speech Passive Enrollment, the audio to build a voice print is captured during a speech interaction.

Active Authentication, users recite a phrase or certain words multiple times to enable the system to establish their unique voiceprint.

Precision Biometrics, what was said and who said it.

Short-Speech Passive Authentication, after active enrollment, the consumer is authenticated via short utterances.

Blocklist / Bad Actors

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Customer loyalty depends on how easy you make it for your customers to do business with you.

According to the authors of “Effortless Experience“, their data showed that 45% of the people who had something positive to say about a company told fewer than three other people.

However, 48% of people who had a negative experience told more than ten people.

The goal is to focus resources on mitigating customer disloyalty.

The Fastest Most Accurate Voice Biometrics Technology

“Please authenticate me with my voice”

“Please authenticate me with access code 123456”
Or simply “123456”

Net speech ~ 0.5 to 1.5 seconds
Elapsed       ~ 2 to 3 seconds elapsed

Followed by continuous passive authentication monitoring

16 x

Granted patents in multiple jurisdictions

60 x

Real-time audio processing

150 %

Six month ROI

4 X

EU Privacy Seals

Industry-leading Features

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