ValidSoft is a Leader In The Opus Intelliview Voice Biometrics 2022 Report. 

In their fourth annual Intelliview, Opus Research and SymNex Consulting provide enterprise decision makers with competitive context for evaluating selected solution providers supporting secure customer contact experiences and fraud prevention.

Intelligent Authentication (IAuth) captures a range of products and services that includes biometric factors (voice, facial, fingerprint, behavioral), network intelligence and orchestration used for fraud detection and continuous authentication. Their report evaluates 22 solution providers from across the IAuth spectrum who are actively deploying technologies that improve enterprise security, efficiency and customer experience.

Key Highlights

  • Solutions Address Authentication and Fraud Prevention
  • Smartphones Play an Expanding Role
  • Voice Biometrics Are Foundational
  • Emergence of Network Authentication and Fraud Detection
  • Consumer ID and Access Management (CIAM) Falls Short
  • Expect More Vertical and Smaller-Scale Use Cases
  • ValidSoft Leader in Voice Biometrics

    ValidSoft Can Help

    ValidSoft eliminates call fraud and identity theft by delivering a best-in-class voice-based identity assurance and authentication solution. We are the only solution that combines active and passive precision authentication with unrivalled speed and accuracy. We can be seamlessly integrated with traditional MFA solutions, offering a transparent, yet powerful extra layer of security. We are easily deployed in call centers, financial firms, mobile apps, e-commerce, remote agent validation and self-service channels. ValidSoft’s EuroPriSe™ privacy seals ensure 100% compliance with EU GDPR and all other leading Data Protection and Data Privacy laws (incl. e.g., HIPAA, Digital Identity Guidelines, Vectors of Trust, Federal Identity Program Guidelines, etc.)