Solve many challenges, use Customer Identity Assurance

Multi-channel transactions

Through the app, portal and over the phone

Protection from Fraud

Consumers want confidence that their data is safe

Deliver a Consistent, Predictable Experience

Across all channels and touchpoints

Meet Compliance

Strengthen your organization's compliance standards and minimize risk


Conducting business with customers over the phone, or online poses unique challenges when it comes to ensuring that the customers are who they say they are. As more and more fraudsters focus efforts on virtual tactics, it’s necessary for organizations to put programs in place in order to obtain identity assurance and stop fraud.

Customer Identity Assurance

ValidSoft Trusted Experience provides a single form of failsafe identity assurance that is consistent, predictable and repeatable on all channels.


Easy Secure User Experience

  • Single form of failsafe identity assurance
  • Create more trust with customers

Strengthen Compliance standards

  • Quicker to speak an OTP than type it in
  • Stronger security

Protect via Trusted Experience

  • True identity assurance on any channel
  • Consistent, predictable, repeatable across all channels

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Up your authentication game, reduce reliance on passwords and create friction-free customer interactions with ValidSoft’s voice-driven solutions.

What you will see in our demo

  • Frictionless customer authentication from the start of the call to the end of the call with either Active or Passive biometrics in the IVR/IVA and at the agent desktop.

  • Repeatable across web browsers, apps, IVR’s, IVA’s, speech bots, and contact centers.

  • The value in card-not-present commercial purchases and during banking applications.