Solve Many Challenges, Use Workforce Identity Assurance

Passwords are Weak

Frequently re-used and easy to hack

Employee Collusion

Passwords can be shared through intentional collusion with bad actors

Passwords not stored securely

Sometimes kept in spreadsheets and even post-it notes

Social Engineering

People can be manipulated to reveal passwords via phishing attacks, pretexting and baiting scenarios.


With hybrid workforce models, failsafe Identity Assurance is paramount to ensure privacy, integrity and compliance, regardless of whether employees are accessing enterprise systems remotely or within the corporate firewall.

Workforce Identity Assurance

ValidSoft Trusted Employee, whether used standalone or integrated with existing authentication solutions can provide organizations with true workforce identity assurance on any channel employees use, to connect to corporate assets.


Reduce identity theft

  • Flag suspicious calls
  • Create alerts for supervisors
  • Create more trust with employees

Increase Employee Productivity

  • Quicker to speak an OTP than type it in
  • Stronger security
  • Enable omni-channel

Protect via Trusted Employee

  • True identity assurance on any channel
  • Integrates with leading MFA and SSO solutions
  • Deploy on-premise, private/public cloud, SaaS, on device or in-app

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