User Experience

Users should expect a consistent and natural experience regardless of the transaction channel used. Network-based deployment enables a consistent user experience with only one enrolment required to be used across different channels. This model ensures the biometric is fixed to the user rather than a specific device to successfully authenticate. We see user confidence as key, and as such we design and implement our solutions to the highest standard of data privacy and protection, as shown by the four European data privacy seals we currently hold.


For businesses, network deployment delivers a greater range of functionality for fraud detection, prevention (e.g. blacklisting) and control across a business. ValidSoft's solution is designed to be tuneable and adaptive across different channels to maximise performance. Businesses can reduce the dependency on specific devices, thereby limiting vulnerability to malware residing on user devices.

For users, there is no longer the concern of being responsible for security of a biometric signature, removing dependency on a specific device and reducing the risks if a device becomes in any way compromised. Unlike static credentials such as PINs, passwords and even personal data, our voice signatures are not a target for hacking. By their very nature they are tied uniquely to a particular deployment, encrypted and if necessary can always be revoked. This means the user can always generate a new unique voice signature as appropriate.

Business Value

Network deployment provides a significantly more cost effective model compared to device-resident approaches, maximising one signature and one cost across an entire business. By offering a consistent and simple user experience across all channels you create genuine market differentiation. In addition, the increased accuracy of authentication and fraud detection reduces costly fraud.

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