Solve Many Challenges, Use ValidSoft Voice Authentication

MFA Creates Friction

The reality of multi-factor authentication is that it often hampers the customer experience.

Customer Expectations

In an increasingly mobile, distributed and remote world, customers seek streamlined interactions.

Security Complexity

Modern cybersecurity stacks are now complex, interwoven systems that themselves can introduce new risks.

Privacy Challenges

Traditional biometrics, including other voice solutions, present substantial privacy concerns that must be solved.

Industry Challenges

For leading global companies, security and privacy often creation friction, cost and complexity. But what if you could leverage the most fundamental factor: the human voice to actually increase security, improve privacy and simplify both the customer experience and your operations all at the same time? With ValidSoft, you can.

ValidSoft Solutions

ValidSoft is the trusted voice-based identity assurance provider to some of the largest and most respected brands and partners in the world. Used today across thousands of users and even more end customers, we aim to create a safer, faster and more flexible voice biometrics and authentication experience.


Protect Payments

  • Create a frictionless experience
  • Enable secure ecommerce from anywhere
  • Create more trust with customers

Protect Mobile

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Stronger security
  • Enable omni-channel

Protect contact center & IVR

  • Save 20% to 40% call costs
  • Enhanced experience
  • Stops fraud

Protect Online Services

  • Apply consistent authentication
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Stop fraud

Protect Critical Data

  • Validate privileged access
  • Enhance MFA/2FA
  • Mathematically superior authentication

Protect Via Trusted Agent

  • "Proof of Life" including continuous verification
  • Prevent reputation risk; Adhere to privacy & compliance
  • Untethered: secure distributed and WFH operations

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