We are ValidSoft

We are ValidSoft

What we do

ValidSoft secures transactions with services that are incredibly simple for the user. We remove the need for PINs, passwords and security questions. Built around voice biometrics, our multi-factor authentication protects Online, Smartphone, Card and Telephone transactions. We work in the Enterprise, Financial Services and Government sectors. Companies that choose to work with ValidSoft see strong authentication and a great user experience as key to business success.

User Experience

Delivering an incredible user experience is key in ensuring a highly secure transaction for our customers. When security breaches occur the industry continues to attribute blame on users, yet we should expect little more when we continue to use PINs, passwords and security questions. With user experience at the core we ensure best practice is natural, personal and low friction for users. This leads to the user becoming the focus of the authentication and the strongest factor in transaction security.

‘As the leader in the development of multi-factor authentication solutions ValidSoft chose to develop its own voice biometric engine...’


As one of the pioneers of out-of-band authentication the origins of ValidSoft’s are deep rooted in securing transactions. Combining this ability to innovate and an impressive track record of securing significant volumes of users, has given us a unique understanding of the end-to-end journey of an authentication and how to ensure overall security while delivering the best possible user experience.

As the leader in multi-factor authentication solutions, ValidSoft chose to develop its own voice biometric engine, to secure all transaction channels in a way that users find natural and personal. The approach is simple, rather than authenticating static and inanimate objects, focus authentication around the human being, your users. It is this combination of expertise in the security sector, market leading voice biometric capability and a focus on user experience that has proven to be a clear differentiator for us.

Leadership Team

Pat Carroll

Chairman & CEO

Pat is a founding Director, Chairman and CEO of ValidSoft. He has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology and Financial Markets, where he has been at the forefront of industry thinking, representing organisations on industry bodies and leading participation in industry initiatives. At ValidSoft, he leads our endeavours in research and intellectual property. Prior to ValidSoft, Pat was the European Head of Electronic Trading Technology, co-headed European Equities Technology and was a technical advisor to the Investment Banking Division for Goldman Sachs. Pat has extensive Financial Services & technical experience, having previously worked in a senior capacity with J.P Morgan, Credit Suisse Financial Products and Bankers Trust Company.

​Adrian Kelly

Chief Product Officer

Adrian brings over 20 years of experience, accelerating growth in technology businesses from start-ups to corporates, in a range of leadership roles focused on products and services. Previously Adrian served as the Senior Vice President for Product Marketing and Solutions at Nuance/SpinVox, defining innovative propositions and business models that were key to securing new Tier 1 customers on 4 continents and generating explosive growth in traffic and revenues. More recently as Director of Product and Services at Sage, he drove their migration to cloud based services and embedded excellence in user experience across the portfolio. As the regional director for South America and head of three business units at LogicaCMG Telecoms (now CGI), Adrian consistently proved his ability to grow company revenues. As Senior Vice President for Airwide, Adrian was part of the leadership team that successfully exited the business via a trade sale to Mavenir Systems.

​Edward Maine

Director of Marketing & Communications

As the Director of Marketing & Communications at ValidSoft Ed has been responsible for the creation and execution of the new image, messaging and successful marketing campaign, establishing ValidSoft in the Voice Biometric market and driving commercial growth. He has a varied background of experience, having managed sales and marketing teams in the highly competitive Information Technology industry, and successfully driven commercial growth in arenas as diverse as account management, technology sourcing, logistics, and business acquisition, across a varied portfolio of clients in including mining, asset management, luxury retail and private healthcare.

​Owen Tippett

Director of Operations

Since taking responsibility for Operations, IT Infrastructure, Program Management and Quality Control at ValidSoft, Owen has already successfully established our production quality data centres in Europe and North America, virtualised the companies development and test environments, established professional SLA’s for operations and support and gained ISO27001 accreditation for ValidSoft. Prior to joining ValidSoft, Owen was the UK IT Manager for an international B2B Media and Marketing company, managing the overseas web development and deployment teams. More recently, Owen was a Technical Analyst at Rentokil Initial’s Global Headquarters with responsibility for a number of regional sites, where he drove the migration to SAAS services and the automated standardisation of hardware configurations across EMEA.

​Shawn Edmunds

Vice President of North America

Shawn has over 15 years of experience successfully driving innovation and commercial success in North America. With a diverse background in speech and voice biometrics technologies, Shawn was previously the Director of Business Development in the mobile and enterprise sectors for Nuance, and has held senior commercial roles with both Nokia and Acision. His passion and endeavours have led to the successful generation of over $100M in sales revenues and the creation of new products and channels, from the early days of mobile messaging to current leading edge technologies such as voice biometrics.


When dealing with sensitive information such as biometric and proximity data, consumer confidence in data protection is key. As the only company in the world to have four ‘EuroPriSe’ privacy seals and accredited with ISO 27001 certification, ValidSoft sets and exceeds the highest standards with its privacy-centric approach to solutions and business practice.


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