Warranty: Deepfake detection solution

ValidSoft Voice Verity™ Sets New Industry Standard with Double the Warranty of Competitors in Generative AI Deepfake Audio Detection

At ValidSoft, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled dedication we put into developing our deepfake detection technology, backed by our industry-leading warranty. In an era where AI and deepfake fraud pose ever-growing threats to both consumers and enterprises, we recognize the critical importance of providing the most secure and effective solutions. Our commitment is not just in words but in action, and we back our technology 100%.

Leading the Way with Industry-Leading Warranty

We are proud to be among the first AI companies to offer a warranty on our deepfake detection solutions. This pioneering move reflects our confidence in the capabilities of our technology and the relentless efforts of our team. Our models are designed to stand at the forefront of security, providing robust protection against the sophisticated threats posed by AI-driven fraud.

Unmatched Assurance: Doubling Down on Competitors

While some of our competitors have started to follow our lead, ValidSoft remains ahead of the curve with a performance that offers up to $2 million in warranty coverage, double that offered by others. Our customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) already enforce strict performance standards, but we believe in making our commitment explicitly clear through our warranty program. This bold step underscores the trust we have in the solutions we deploy and sets a high benchmark for the industry.

Performance: The Ultimate Benchmark

At ValidSoft, we believe that deepfake detection solutions should live and die by their performance. Our warranty program is a testament to this belief, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of protection and reliability. This is more than just a promise; it’s a concrete guarantee backed by substantial compensation amounts, as prescribed in our warranty terms.

Innovation Beyond Size

In a market populated by larger competitors, ValidSoft stands out not by the size of our enterprise but by the capabilities of our solutions and the strength of our commitment to building the best solutions. We have spent many years perfecting our generative AI and machine-learning models to ensure they deliver on what they are built to do.

Our commitment is backed by years of research and development, coupled with a team of experts dedicated to creating solutions that are easy to use, privacy-compliant, and exceptionally secure. Our performance warranty program is a testament to the confidence we have in our technology, proving that bigger does not always mean better, but better certainly means bigger in terms of impact, integrity, trust, truth, and reliability.

ValidSoft’s deepfake detection technology is more than just a product; it’s a promise of security, reliability, and excellence. By leading the industry with our pioneering warranty program, we reaffirm our dedication to protecting our clients from the evolving threats of generative AI and deepfake fraud. We believe that our solutions are the best in the market, and our warranty is a testament to the confidence we have in our technology.

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