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ValidSoft’s Technology Detects Synthetic Audio, Deepfakes and Replay Attacks

Our Technology

  • Multi-dimensional: It measures both the behavioral traits of an individual as well as the impact their physical body creates on sound.
  • Spoof-Proof Voiceprint: Creates a unique spoof-proof ‘Voiceprint’ of the individual, by combining their sound, voice pattern and rhythm.
  • Detects acoustic characteristics that the human ear cannot: This approach provides the highest levels of Identity Assurance so our customers can be completely confident they are interacting with the correct claimed identity.


ValidSoft is the only security company in the world with 4 European Data Protection and Privacy Seals, including a Seal for VIP Voice (EuroPriSe®).

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State of the art Tech architecture

Flexible Architecture​

Support for multiple database technologies & operating systems.​

Flexible Deployments​

Cloud-based SaaS, on-premise and on-device deployments supported.​

Low Latency

Developed using modern programming techniques on Java and C++ programming technologies.

Assistive AI​

Augmenting Assistive AI technologies to enable secure voice driven commands.​

API Driven Architecture​

API driven architecture to support existing operational, support and reporting infrastructure.​

Extensive Ecosystem

ValidSoft has spent years developing a rich ecosystem of partners, deployment options, and omni-channel modalities to support the needs of enterprises: from agile to large global organizations with complex requirements.

Deployment and Integration

State-of-the-Art Technical architecture ensures the flexibility to meet ​the most demanding requirements in a rapidly changing landscape.

Enterprise Support

ValidSoft's responsive services and support teams bring deep expertise to help ramp fast.

Flexible Platform

True multi-tenancy SaaS plus on-prem deployment options. Flexible, scalable, extensible.


Existing integrations with leading call center tech providers.

Open API Platform

Full SDK available. Robust APIs to meet the most sophisticated enterprise requirements.

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Our Patents

20+ patents granted. More on the way. ValidSoft owns all of its intellectual property

Unique approach to data privacy

We understand the value of your customer and take the protection of their data seriously

No other Voice Biometrics provider, or location-based services provider has attained a Privacy Seal from EU

ValidSoft has 4X European Privacy Seals (EuroPriSe®) related to its solutions: Voice Biometrics; Sim Swap; Proximity Correlation (LBS); Zero Latency Correlation

ValidSoft can confer these Privacy Seals on its partners

ValidSoft’s EuroPriSe® privacy seals ensure 100% compliance with EU GDPR and all other leading Data Protection and Data Privacy laws (incl. e.g., HIPAA, Digital Identity Guidelines, Vectors of Trust, Federal Identity Program Guidelines, etc.)

ValidSoft has leveraged these European Privacy Seals to demonstrate 100% compliance with leading global countries including: US, Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Indonesia and others