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Our Story

ValidSoft was founded to deliver innovative identity assurance and authentication solutions based on the most mathematically secure factor: the human voice. Our solutions are the safest, fastest, and most flexible way to secure critical business operations, be they financial transactions, call center operations or brand new ways of interacting with customers.

Our rapidly growing global team combines PhDs in voice biometrics and privacy compliance, fraud and cyber security experts and practitioners and experts in creating business-critical systems at scale.

Our Background

identity assurance

Voice biometrics creates a unique physical representation of an individual.

Unrivalled Accuracy

Independently proven to be up to 10x faster. More accurate and more precise than competitors


We provide secure and consistent omni-channel identity assurance & authentication

Data Privacy

Only security company in the world with 4 european privacy seals (Europrise)

Thought Leadership

Multiple patented technologies, 16 patents granted, many pending

Security Experts

We understand cyber security and the impact it has on our customer

Our Values



We are a trusted solution provider, but more importantly, we help our customers transmit trust to their own clients and partners.



We aspire to provide premium protection while reducing friction. Think "bullet proof glass:" visibility + speed + protection.



We aim to transform how critical data is secured. We also want to help our customers transform their own client interactions.

Meet The Team

Pat Carroll

Executive Chairman, CEO

Alexander Korff

Chief Operating Officer & GC

Simon Rich

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Weekes

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Marcel Kockmann

Chief Technology Officer

Simon Woolf

Chief Product Officer

Benoit Fauve

Chief Research & Development Officer

Our Affiliations

ValidSoft has long standing relationships with voice biometrics thought leaders, standards bodies and privacy initiatives.

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