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Biometric Authentication. Faster. Safer. Reduces Fraud.

  • “Please authenticate me with my Voice"
  • “Please authenticate me with Access Code 123456”
  • Hi, I’m calling about my checking account…”
  • “Hello, can you connect me with my manager?”
  • “Please authenticate me with my Voice"
  • “Please authenticate me with Access Code 123456”
  • "Hello, I'm calling about my checking account"
  • “Hello, can you connect me with my doctor?"

"ValidSoft stands out as one of the forward leaders in our voice biometrics category thanks to proven accuracy, speed and flexible deployment options spanning multiple channels and addition to their compliance with tough European privacy seal standards.

Our rating is reinforced by their market momentum, including significant Fortune 50 wins, many of which were accomplished through a strong partner ecosystem."

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Guaranteeing Identity Via Voice Authentication

“Delivers on the promise of a validation/identification voice biometrics, done on active and passive implementations, with an exception degree of accuracy – Is tailored towards a SaaS product-like (one-to-many) implementation, that scales and delivers support in multiple regions – Includes all the mandatory compliance “bells and whistles” that are paramount in a voice bio project.”

VP Product
Co size: $500M-$1B
Industry: Communications

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“Their reporting portal allows quick access to data and can customize the date ranges. Their customer service has been very responsive and accommodating to our questions/requests.”

Operations Manager
Co size: $10B-$30B
Industry: Securities & Investment

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• Precision and Accuracy
10 times more accurate


• Data Privacy & Protection
4 privacy EuroPriSe Seals


• Omni-channel excellence
1 model many channels

Our Partners

ValidSoft is a rapidly growing voice biometric solutions provider whose clients include over 50 of the largest global institutions, enterprises and partners.

ValidSoft VIP® Voice

  • Best-in-class voice-based identity assurance and authentication solution.
  • Easily deployed in call centers, privileged access systems, phones and automobiles.
  • Seamless integration with traditional MFA solutions, offering a transparent, yet powerful extra layer of security.
  • Fully scalable and expandable.
  • Several deployment options available with rich software development kit and APIs for rapid integration.

  • How It Works

    STEP 1

    User speaks

    STEP 2

    Raw audio received

    STEP 3

    Key Features extracted

    STEP 4

    Model built

    STEP 5

    Voiceprint Created (no PII)

    See How ValidSoft Can Move Your Business Beyond Passwords

    Leadership team

    ValidSoft's leadership team is composed of experts and practitioners with deep experience in cybersecurity, call centers, telecommunications and scalable, critical systems.

    01 Pat Carroll
    Executive Chairman
    Chief Executive Officer
    02 Alexander Korff
    Executive Director
    General Counsel
    Benoit Fauvre
    Chief of Scientific
    R&D Department
    Simon Rich

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Frictionless customer authentication from the start of the call to the end of the call with either Active or Passive biometrics in the IVR/IVA and at the Agent desktop

  • Continuous authentication and monitoring of your agents as they handle calls working from home

  • The value of voice biometrics in card-not-present commercial purchases and during banking applications