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No Trusted Identity

Protect conversations and data from unauthorized access
Verify identity reliably, and easily, with a secure, friction-free voice solution

Challenges We Solve

Poor Login Experiences

Access Breaches

All Types of Payment Fraud

Regulatory Compliance

Operational Costs

The Cost of Breaches

  • The average cost of a data breach is $4.2M. (IBM)
  • Global payments fraud is projected to cost $40B in 2027—25% higher than in 2020 (Merchant Savvy).
  • $5.8 billion increase in consumer fraud losses in 2021 – 70% more than the amount lost in 2020 (US FTC)

How Our Voice Biometric Intelligence Can Help You

We authenticate voice to verify user identity in online transactions and workforce access.

  • We can work with any voice, any dialect, and with very small utterances (as little as 0.5 sec).
  • Our VoiceID engine processes audio utterances to extract certain features (characteristics that are speaker specific) fed in a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to create a speaker embedding (compact representation which re-enforces the speaker-specific information) called a voice print.
  • During authentication, a person’s voice is pattern matched with their voice print, the value of which indicates a pass or fail.
  • We have artificial voice detection (Deepfake) and anti-spoofing (Replay attack) detection modules.
  • We own our intellectual property  100% including 16 patents granted.

We Specialize in Voice Biometrics. It’s Our Sole Focus. 

20 + Years

Expertise in voice tech

100 +%

Growth in usage


Countries served

New! See-Say® Trusted Identity Assurance

Identity Verification for a Remote Workforce

See-Say Trusted Identity is a digit-based voice authentication approach that uniquely combines 3 elements in an easy-to-use interface to verify the claimed identity of the user in an online environment.

  • Smooth & Secure User Experience
  • Theft proof authentication
  • Omni-channel deployment


Better Customer Experience

Meet Regulatory Obligations

Fraud Prevention

Reduced Operational Costs

Less Data Breaches

When Authentication Speed Matters, ValidSoft Delivers

Our Difference

Our Customers Are Saying

ValidSoft stands out as one of the forward leaders in our voice biometrics category thanks to proven accuracy, speed and flexible deployment options spanning multiple channels and addition to their compliance with tough European privacy seal standards. Our rating is reinforced by their market momentum, including significant Fortune 50 wins, many of which were accomplished through a strong partner ecosystem.

Delivers on the promise of a validation/identification voice biometrics, done on active and passive implementations, with an exception degree of accuracy – Is tailored towards a SaaS product-like (one-to-many) implementation, that scales and delivers support in multiple regions – Includes all the mandatory compliance “bells and whistles” that are paramount in a voice bio project.

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Their reporting portal allows quick access to data and can customize the date ranges. Their customer service has been very responsive and accommodating to our questions/requests.

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Provides a huge value add to our omnichannel authentication solutions to local banks and telecom. We enrolled hundreds of thousands of users within a matter of months, immediately giving our clients huge ROI's from using our technology. Validsoft is highly accurate and easy to use for the end enrollee.

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The technology allows to give legally binding authentication and signature on the mobile, coupled with biid technology ( It is just a game changer for mobile commerce.

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Working with ValidSoft on multiple projects has been an absolute pleasure. Good people, great technology, fantastic support.

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Working with ValidSoft has been very easy. They are very responsive, flexible, and truly understand the need in the market for partners. They have a solution that is very valuable to our customer base and are creating a program to deliver this product to market.

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The solution words as described and provides out of band multi-factor authentication customized to suit our needs.

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ValidSoft was very cooperative and engaging through the entire implementation process. After go-live, they've continued to be of assistance with trouble-shooting and maintaining their systems.

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A partner rather than a vendor, willing and able to engage and work towards the common goal. …. First, starting with Active Validation, done on the IVR, in a CCaaS setting….Later evolving to a Passive validation and identification while on an active call …ValidSoft has shown that not only it is capable to deliver, but also willing to engage in enhancements that are required … for the end customer.

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Accurate, quick and easy to use and can be used on range of devices.
This product (and voice ID in general) gives users assurances in terms of accuracy that other authentication / identification methods just do not!

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We liked the ease of use and efficiency of the voice biometrics framework within our different product components. Voice biometrics provides a robust alternative to usual OTP and FIDO login methods and does not require any user device.

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We liked the ease of use and efficiency of the voice biometrics framework within our different product components. Voice biometrics provides a robust alternative to usual OTP and FIDO login methods and does not require any user device.

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That it works as described, the process for operating out of the box is straightforward and functions well. Even better performance is achieved with ValidSoft's aid by applying a post delivery 'tuning' which gives the final gloss to the end user experience. ValidSoft are very proactive in helping out with the use cases, the integration into call flows and the entire post sales cycle.

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Great product that is highly accurate and easy to integrate.

1. Fast processing times for large data sets.
2. High accuracy even in noisy environments, more accurate than competitors.
3. Easy to integrate through standard JSON API'sReview.

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Validsoft VALid out of band MFA

Validsoft tailored the admin console to meet our needs and they were always available and ready to help at short notice. The system does exactly what it says and the personal service was exceptional.

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Shaping the Future of Technology with Validated Precision

Anti-Fraud, Anti-Deep Fake, Basically has the potential to revolutionize everything humans hate about the internet currently. There are so many use cases, but ValidSoft outranks its competitors scientifically.

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