Voice. Identity. Guaranteed.

Biometric Authentication. Faster. Secure. Reduces Fraud.

What We Do

We authenticate your voice to guarantee your identity for access to accounts whether online, in-person, or over the phone.
Our solutions help to eliminate fraud because voice authentication is superior to insecure passwords, PINs, and passcodes. We can authenticate human voices within seconds. Our tech can be used across all channels.




When Speed Matters, ValidSoft Delivers

What the Industry is Saying

ValidSoft stands out as one of the forward leaders in our voice biometrics category thanks to proven accuracy, speed and flexible deployment options spanning multiple channels and modalities.....in addition to their compliance with tough European privacy seal standards. Our rating is reinforced by their market momentum, including significant Fortune 50 wins, many of which were accomplished through a strong partner ecosystem.

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

Delivers on the promise of a validation/identification voice biometrics, done on active and passive implementations, with an exception degree of accuracy – Is tailored towards a SaaS product-like (one-to-many) implementation, that scales and delivers support in multiple regions – Includes all the mandatory compliance “bells and whistles” that are paramount in a voice bio project.

VP Product
Industry: Communications

Their reporting portal allows quick access to data and can customize the date ranges. Their customer service has been very responsive and accommodating to our questions/requests.

Operations Manager
Co size: $10B-$30B
Industry: Securities & Investment

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