Guaranteeing Identity Via Voice Authentication

VoiceID® Authentication Engine

ValidSoft’s VoiceID is a security-grade authentication engine that uses a patented, precision voice biometric technology to deliver a secure and frictionless identity assurance. 

Our proprietary algorithms give us the leading edge in detecting replay attacks and synthetic speech (deep fakes).

ValidSoft’s VIP® Voice Identity Platform

Validsoft’s VIP® Voice delivers strong voice authentication that is simple, accurate and fast.

The only security company in the world with 4 European Data Protection and Privacy Seals, including a Seal for VIP Voice (EuroPriSe®)

60x real-time audio processing

Advanced acoustic moderation technology for suppression of background noise – optimized for real-world environmental challenges

Works with ultra-short utterances with as little as 0.5 seconds of audio

16 patents granted

Unparalleled, out-of-the-box, speed, precision and accuracy

Language Agnostic – any voice, any language, any dialect

World leading artificial voice detection (Deepfake) and anti-spoofing (Replay attack) detection modules

Device agnostic: integrates with mobile, web and contact centre channels

Dynamic architecture capable of scaling on demand

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ValidSoft’s VIP® Voice Identity Platform

ValidSoft’s VIP® (Voice Identity Platform) includes active, passive, voice-based authentication that is easy to use, exceptionally accurate, highly secure, and uniquely safe.

Proven Capabilities

Validsoft protects both the legitimacy of the user and the integrity of the transaction. Available via SaaS, a software development kit (SDK) and rich APIs, we enable rapid, seamless integration with online, mobile, payment processing and phone-oriented transaction channels, across call center providers, financial services, government, and enterprise segments. Validsoft’s VIP® offers the flexibility to integrate with a range of existing infrastructures, authentication layers and biometric modes.

ValidSoft VIP® Conversational Voice​

This mode allows your customer to authenticate themselves by simply using natural speech for both enrollments and authentications. This mode is often used in call centers as a replacement for a series of security questions with the authentication being transparent to the caller.

ValidSoft VIP® Active Voice (Includes IVR)

This mode delivers Identity Assurance using Text Dependent or a passphrase for enrollment and for authentication. Using a well-chosen phrase gives strong biometric performance and good user experience in scenarios where they would have used a PIN or password in the past.

ValidSoft VIP® Precision Voice Biometrics™

This mode combines what the customer is saying along with confirmation that they are the correct claimed identity. The combination of understanding the intent and verifying identity provides assurance simultaneously. This mode can be used to provide higher levels of Liveness Validation ensuring a “Live” customer is being verified or enrolled. It can also be used to provide the highest levels of security by combining it with knowledge such as One-Time-Passcodes or KBA questions.

ValidSoft VIP® Secure Voice Enterprise

This mode enables Enterprises to apply Voice Biometric authentication to their Enterprise Remote Access and solutions requiring secured access. It enables Enterprises to de-couple themselves from passwords and to leverage their employees and associates’ voices to provide strong and scalable security. 

ValidSoft VIP® Secure Voice Commerce

This mode is the next generation for authentication. It delivers Identity Assurance using short utterance, natural speech which is specifically focused on Conversational Commerce and Voice Intent style interaction with Smart Devices.

16 x

Granted patents in multiple jurisdictions

60 x

Real-time audio processing

150 %

Six month ROI

4 X

EU Privacy Seals

Industry-leading Features

Precision Voice Biometrics

Enabling models that detect both what was said and who said it to deliver highly secure security models

  • Omni-channel fraud and hacking prevention
  • Verifiably better/faster than other solutions
  • Significantly reduce operational costs

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