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The collaboration of ValidSoft and Ingenico for this in-vehicle application shows how voice biometrics is intrinsic for Voice Commerce applications. The adoption of Voice Commerce will become ubiquitous across all devices.

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Five9 has announced the launch of a new cloud voice biometric service for contact center solution developers to help them leverage real-time voice data.

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ValidSoft has invested considerably in applying a Privacy-by-Design approach to its solutions, and works closely with its customers, in Europe and the USA, to ensure that basic (and advanced) privacy-enhancing technologies are built into its solutions from the ground up.

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Only advanced voice biometric engines that can discriminate a human voice versus a synthetic, ML-generated voice can properly detect these Deepfakes.

Whilst Deepfakes, whether audio or audio combined with video, can trick any human into believing it is the genuine person, it cannot generate the unique characteristics, such as esophageal and physiological shape and vocal cord vibrations that are used in voice biometric analysis. These characteristics, their sequences, tones and aspects are as unique as our DNA!

Imagine, therefore, a video/audio conversation between a high net-worth client and their private banker. If the client looks and sounds authentic, and of course can provide the answers to any security questions (as they invariably would), why would the banker not acquiesce to any instructions the client gives? Covid-19 will only exacerbate the problem.

With a growing number of large scale deployments for voice biometrics becoming more publicised, Sky News speaks to ValidSoft on...

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