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Lets Talk Payments highlights the importance of Voice as the new IOS - Click for the full article'...Millions...

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'We have revealed how little you need in order to take over someones bank account'

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“It is time for ValidSoft to strike out on its own and address the broad and growing security markets beyond just the mobility markets,” said Pat Carroll, CEO of ValidSoft. “This separation of the two entities will strengthen both companies while preserving the opportunity for the two companies to work closely together on joint proposals"

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With a growing number of large scale deployments for voice biometrics becoming more publicised, Sky News speaks to ValidSoft on...
Market research firm Research and Markets have released a report on the worldwide voice biometric market, predicting strong growth over...

ValidSoft’s VP for North America, Shawn Edmunds highlights the value of contextual authentication using voice biometrics, to deliver strong security and great user experience for Intelligent Assistants.

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