Authenticate Customers Quickly While Reducing Call Handling Time

Contact Centers Can Do Better

Current contact center and IVR authentication solutions are expensive and inadequate

Inadequate & insecure

KBA is an inherently weak form of authentication, open to cyber attacks and other fraud - and becoming weaker

Cumbersome user experience

KBA can take upto 45 - 60 seconds to complete, before the customer’s issue has been discussed

High operational costs

Traditional forms of authentication are lengthy, significantly increasing Agent Handling Time

Not secure enough

KBA’s are no longer a secure method due to social engineering and the dark web

Voice Biometrics is the strategic solution


Secure contact center, IVR and IVA: Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is fundamentally broken.


Great customer experience : No passwords or PINs to remember, no identity information required / revealed.


Prevent identity theft and fraud losses: Our solution does not rely on personal data or personally identifiable information

Gains for Contact Centers

ValidSoft’s deep expertise and focused R&D results in an AI-based voice biometric engine that leads the industry in security, accuracy and speed

High efficiency rate

ValidSoft and Industry sees >95% authentication rates​

Massive barrier to fraud

Addresses > 90% of IVR fraud (social engineering, eavesdropping, discovery, guessing…)​

Increase in authenticated users

User Authentication failure rate plummeted from 60% to 5% via IVR in one case​

Reduction in authentication time

ValidSoft customer experienced 91% of VB assessment within 6 seconds of caller starting to speak (passive)​

Lowers fraud risk

Blacklisting fraudsters from their voiceprint “a massive contribution to fraud reduction”​

See How ValidSoft Can Move Your Business Beyond Passwords

Trusted Agents

How Do You Know?

Unauthorized and/or fraudulent agents (family, friends, housemates) can act as proxy agents on behalf of the authorized agent. This could be to allow the authorized agent to have a second Gig economy job, cover for absence or potentially to steal and sell information such as card data. This cannot be detected by any strong authentication solutions, even biometric logon solutions. WFH is here to stay as is the Gig economy, and exploitation of this environment will only increase.

Trust, But Verify

Using ValidSoft’s Trusted Agent, voice biometrics authenticate the agent when they log onto a session and then, critically, continuously authenticates the agent, totally invisibly and non-intrusively, through every call they receive or make, to ensure there is no handover from the authorized agent to any unauthorized agent at any point during the authenticated session.
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Reduce Risks, Fines, Losses

Ensure that no unauthorized agents are working as  proxies. Prevent reputation risks and compliance fines  related to PCI-DSS and GDPR. Dramatically reduce fraud, e.g., stolen card details, other data theft, financial loss. Reduce risking lost customers through untrained personnel.

Continuous Voice Verification

Voice-based authentication can be used to authenticate callers as well as agents, whether used for short-duration or continuous authentication. Trusted Agent can be used as a seamless and invisible IAM tool for all employees, not just contact center agents. Gartner has predicted that by 2023, 25% of employee interactions with applications will be via voice, requiring continuous employee authentication for any and all voice-driven applications.

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