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Strategic Advantages

ValidSoft is the leader in voice biometrics solutions. A proven solution with the strongest security, the most precise voice detection, several flexible deployment options and world-class privacy and compliance assurances.

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Benefits of Validsoft Voice Biometrics

Only voice authentication can authenticate customers over many channels


Improved customer experience

No reliance on passwords, PINs, or KBA. Customer’s identity can be passively authenticated in as little as 4-6 seconds of audio


Omni-channel authentication

Apply the same level of security to all customer engagement channels - one voiceprint, all channels


Precision Voice Biometrics

The highest degree of precision available today commercially


Reduced ACH

A key cost metric of contact center can be reduced significantly using voice biometrics


Reduced abandonments

There is nothing to remember so nothing to forget, no abandonments and no frustration


Eliminate Privacy Concerns

With Privacy Seals and a proprietary method for decoupling PII from the voiceprint, privacy is never a concern

See How ValidSoft Can Move Your Business Beyond Passwords.

Why Enterprises Prefer ValidSoft?

With 20+ years of innovation, ValidSoft remains on the leading edge of Voice-based technology


Full privacy

Privacy is key and any intelligence on content run through our platform stays with us


Reduced cost

20% to 40% reduction in call costs, equivalent to an average saving of $1.00/call


Instant brand recognition

Brands that don’t have a custom voice all sound the same in the voice interface