Voice Verity Premium App on Genesys AppFoundry

Voice Verity™ Deepfake Audio Detection Now Available as Premium App on Genesys AppFoundry

About Voice Verity™:

[Hartford, CT, and London, UK, March 20, 2024] – ValidSoft, a global leader in speech science and voice identity solutions, proudly announces the launch of Voice Verity™ on Genesys AppFoundry as a premium app. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in delivering accessible, advanced deepfake audio detection technologies to a broad audience. Recognized as a premium offering within Genesys AppFoundry, Voice Verity™ represents a valuable choice for clients seeking a deeply integrated solution that seamlessly complements their existing Genesys ecosystem.

Leveraging ValidSoft’s profound expertise in synthetic speech detection, signal processing, and proprietary algorithms from our cutting-edge precision voice biometrics developed over years of rigorous research, Voice Verity™ harnesses the power of advanced machine learning, AI and deep neural network (DNN) techniques. It stands out as an unrivaled solution for detecting and flagging fraudulent audio, ensuring the integrity of digital communications without compromising user privacy.

This innovative technology, rooted in years of speech science and validated by patent protection, is designed for any customer engagement channel. It requires no user enrollments or consent workflows, thereby upholding stringent privacy standards while offering immediate operational readiness. The solution epitomizes the necessity for robust, seamless protection in the digital age, akin to the role of antivirus for customer engagement security.

Pat Carroll, Founder and CEO of ValidSoft, stated his excitement in collaborating with Genesys to bring this advanced generative AI deepfake audio detection solution to the Genesys AppFoundry at a time when the industry desperately needs a solution to protect against the growing menace of the nefarious use of deepfakes for the perpetration of identity theft, ATO fraud and other forms of cybercrime. “The availability of Voice Verity™ on Genesys AppFoundry significantly enhances its accessibility, allowing Genesys customers and partners to easily integrate this critical security measure. This is yet another major milestone for ValidSoft in our global expansion strategy”. 

Genesys AppFoundry, a dedicated marketplace for customer experience solutions, empowers businesses to adapt and thrive in the evolving landscape of digital threats. By offering Voice Verityä, Genesys AppFoundry not only extends its portfolio of solutions but also reinforces its commitment to providing the most advanced, secure, scalable, privacy-compliant, innovative tools that protect its customers and partners against sophisticated cyber threats.

About ValidSoft:

ValidSoft stands at the forefront of voice authentication and deepfake audio detection, delivering true identity assurance across all digital engagement channels. Our innovative voice identity solutions excel in speed, accuracy, and precision and offer a range of authentication methods—active, passive, continuous, and precision—that are easy to use, highly secure, and privacy-centric.

A key feature of our technology is its advanced generative AI deepfake audio detection, which effectively counters the sophisticated cyber threats of today by distinguishing between real and synthetic voices. This ensures our “proof of life” verification remains foolproof, offering an additional layer of security against voice impersonation attacks.

Designed for continuous, transparent, and password-less authentication, ValidSoft ensures users’ identities are consistently verified without compromising convenience or privacy. Our platform can serve as a standalone voice authentication system, be integrated within UCaaS and CCaaS platforms, or complement enterprise MFA/2FA solutions, providing versatility for various deployment scenarios, including SaaS, on-premises, cloud, on-device, and edge.

ValidSoft is easily implemented across diverse sectors, including enterprise contact centers, financial services, fintech, mobile apps, e-commerce, and more, with deployment options tailored to every need. Holding EuroPriSe™ privacy seals, we guarantee full compliance with EU GDPR and other leading privacy regulations, underscoring our dedication to data protection. Serving numerous Fortune 500 clients globally, ValidSoft is your trusted partner in voice identity solutions. Learn more at www.validsoft.com or a quick personalized call with our sales team at https://www.validsoft.com/request-demo/